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About Us

We are located in Perth, WA. Your data is recovered right here.
Our staff are friendly and really good at rescuing photos, documents, financial records and all your vital files.
We have the skills, equipment and experience to recover your valuable data from damaged hard drives.
We are proud of our reputation and look forward to helping you. More detail below.
Team DATA365 is doing the 2017 Oxfam 100 Km Trailwalk. $25 from every disk recovery task will be donated to Oxfam.
You can see our progress and make a donation here Oxfam 100 Km

When you didn't make a backup

Some information is like gold to your business. This includes your documents, Outlook contacts, financials, contracts, photos or records.

If you have a damaged disk or files we will make our best effort to recover these for you and put them on a new disk, the Cloud, a DVD or other media.

We strongly suggest that in the event of disk damage the less that you attempt to recover files yourself, the better are our chances of getting your files back. Just turn your computer off and get the disk or the whole unit to us. See below for prices and location.

Our Charges

We charge you nothing to examine your disk, nothing for reporting to you and nothing for a quote.

No charge if your data is not recovered
Normal Data Recovery: $520
Data Recovery after Impact or Dropped Disk $1850

Additional work if required: by arrangement
New media: at cost

Client Testimonials

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Thank you for your kind, professional, patient support. You are the first IT person whom I feel provides the service I need: flexible, friendly and I can trust you.  


You are a legend. Thank you for service above and beyond the call of duty. We really appreciate that.   

David Powell, Blueprint Planning
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